Our Cleanliness Monitoring System provides a game-changing approach to toilet cleaning, with an array of sensors monitoring the facility on a real-time basis

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Monitoring Cleanliness

Take the first step towards virtually managing your facility’s toilets via an array of sensors to detect various anomalies. Do away with the need for random spot checks, save time and move towards a more Optimized and cost effective operational model.


Feedback and Audit

Maintain a high service quality by collecting real time user feedback. Our multi-purpose feedback panel can also be used by the cleaning supervisor to conduct a timely audit and by the cleaner to digitally check-in every time they conduct cleaning operations.

Feedback Module

Data Collection

The data collected from sensors and feedback module on a real-time basis are processed using our Virtual Cleaning System, Optimus. Combining machine learning and AI technology, this data is converted to work instructions and facility usage data which can be further used to make actionable decisions.


Real-time Notification & Analytics

The processed data is instantly sent to cleaners as notification for them to take the required action. This data combined with the cleaner's activities can be viewed on the customizable dashboard, enabling predictive cleaning operations.

Interactive Dashboard and Cleaner App
With the Toilet Analytics System in place, our attendants are able to switch from scheduled based cleaning to demand based cleaning. this helps to improve the efficiency of the department as a whole. Mr Imran Bin Ahmad
Manager, Mount Elizabeth Hospital
The value of standardizing cleaning practices and procedures cannot be understated which is where I see such colossal value in the real-time monitoring and quality control systems that SmartClean can readily implement in any location. L Mr. Gary Mays
Executive Director, AquaTemp

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